meI’m Dawn. I dance barefoot. I create live ensemble dancetheater performance pieces. I write stories: sometimes fiction, sometimes not.

I also perform with Bandelion, Eric Kupers’ ensemble within Dandelion Dancetheater.

And I design and lead workshops for homeschooling children via the Experientialists.

Once upon a time, I created and co-directed Frank and Bryan Dance with the lovely Hilary Bryan. My choreography was described as “poignant and unpretentious,” with “strength, versatility, and a sense of humor” by Rita Felciano in the SF Bay Guardian.

Then, my attention shifted, and I took a hiatus from creating my own dance theater performances to focus on my three children. I wrote a lot during those years. Now, my children are older. They don’t need me as constantly as they once did.

I’m back in the studio.

I recently completed a two-year process, during which I created and shared Cracking Open, a live dancetheater ensemble performance exploring what happens when life cracks us open.

Now, I’m preparing to embark on my next performance piece, tentatively titled After the Lullabies. Look for our first showing of this new work in progress at SAFEhouse Arts in December.