Cracking Open: Red

We’re working now on the next section of Cracking Open. This piece was inspired by my experience of transformation as sometimes shocking, sometimes banal, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes mundane, sometimes terrifying, sometimes simple, but always always always slippery and surprising.

Along the way, I realized I want to create different worlds. Different moods. I want to play with lighting from within, and immersing my audience in an experience that “cracks open” to reveal another, very different layer. I remembered one of my favorite children’s books, an illustrated version of Delmore Schwartz‘s poem, “I am Cherry Alive,” and Cracking Open suddenly gained a new structure. The version of “Cherry Alive” that I loved as a child ends with page after page of gorgeous illustrations that are all infused with COLOR: “I am red.” Turn the page. “I am green.” Turn the page. “I am gold.” Turn the page. “I am blue.” Turn the page. “I will always be me, I will always be new.” This is now my skeleton for Cracking Open. What was our rough draft is now our first section. Light in the Dark. And it will be followed by Red, then Gold, then Green, then Blue.

At this point, Red is being brought to life by Amy LaFaille, Belgica Rodriguez, Chris Gallegos, Kati Pienimäki Schenker, Mia Holtan, and Savanna McGrew. Eric Kupers is providing us with music–Red is being choreographed entirely to his “Song for Della.”

In rehearsal, we are working with red lights, red fabric, wolf masks, and broken umbrellas that have been repurposed to create surreal sculptural elements. We are experimenting with images of birth and death, with women as trees, with fabric as blood, and with the format of a fairytale as a container for dark metaphors.

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