SAFEhouse Arts, here we come!

Thanks to Joe Landini and all the amazing folks at SAFEhouse Arts, we will create Gold during my residency there this fall. My residency that begins on September 8th. In other words, rehearsals for Gold, the third section of Cracking Open, are finally about to start. I am so excited! It will be such fun to PLAY again. We’ll take advantage of the lovely upstairs performance studio at SAFEhouse, as well as the downstairs studio that has the ability to go totally and completely dark during the day.

I can’t wait to be back in rehearsal with Mia, Amy, and Kati. We’re going to work with greek mythology and ideas about desire, striving, failing, and falling. Plus gold. Lots of gold–lighting, and apples, and wings, and wealth, and more. (Think Atalanta, Icarus, and Midas.) I’m playing with ideas about the Moirai, the three greek fates controlling the thread of life, and, of course, the classic maiden/mother/crone (Persephone/Demeter/Hecate). Three is a good number.

This past week has been super busy. On Monday, I met with Eric Kupers to talk through my musical plans (he’s taking my reinvented lyrics for “The Distance” by Cake and transforming that into a quirky pseudo-cover that really deviates from the original song). I also had a blast at the SAFEhouse Community day yesterday, running into old friends and making new connections with my fellow lead artists. And, of course, this morning I gutted a broken umbrella and turned it into a golden tree. I’ve also got gorgeous golden wings ready to go. I just need to track down or create some durable golden apples before next Friday…

…stay tuned for future updates, and information about our performances of Gold at SAFEhouse Arts on November 29th and 30th!

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