I write all the time. I always have. I’ve filled dozens of journals. My writing has secured grant funding for many, many small arts organizations. I’ve sent countless letters and emails. I’ve started and later abandoned half a dozen blogs over the last sixteen years. I’ve shared my thoughts in writing with people on philosophical listserves, on mommy message boards, on homeschooling email lists, and on Facebook. I’ve written enough stories to wallpaper a couple of houses, and enough poems to carpet the floors. I’ve never been able to make myself play the submissions game long enough to get good at it, so I’ll share what I want to share here instead.

This a little taste of what I’ve done. Some of it is true, some of it is untrue. Sometimes I can’t tell the difference. “I know, I know, the true is untrue.” (Quote from I am Cherry Alive, by Delmore Schwartz.)

Enjoy. You can read “riverbed” without a password. If you want a password for another story, just ask: