After Baby Arrives: Becoming the Parent You Want to Be

You know you want to do things differently than your parents did. You know your new baby deserves the best possible version of you. Maybe you have even read books about child development and parenting techniques. But how do you put it all into practice? How can you become the parent your child deserves, the parent you have dreamt of being?

Becoming a parent is always a time of transformation. We are inherently vulnerable in the new parent role, and this experience often tests the limits of our previous personal growth and self-awareness. Our own expectations can be overwhelming, and cultural expectations can be confusing and oppressive. There is also such beauty and power in our early days of parenting! As we get to know our new child, we are also invited to reinvent ourselves. Parenting asks us, over and over again, to discover who we really are, and to shape ourselves into who we have always wanted to be. This work can be lonely. Let’s do it together.

In this therapeutic support group for new parents our work will be shaped by guided conversations, trauma-informed somatic explorations, and expressive arts therapies including journaling, drama therapy techniques, and more. No previous artistic or somatic experience is required. And because life with babies and young children is inherently unpredictable, each session is designed as a standalone experience so that you can drop-in or out, as needed.

Tuesday mornings, 10:00 AM til 11:30 AM
February 7, 2023 through June 20, 2023
Drop-ins welcome!

Drop-in session: $60, sliding scale upon request
Five week package: $290, sliding scale upon request
Ten week package: $570, sliding scale upon request

Zoom. Link will be provided.

Dawn Holtan

Registered Associate
Marriage & Family Therapist
CA BBS AMFT #134282
Supervised by Roni Alperin, LMFT, RDT, BCT
CA BBS LMFT #94472