Cracking Open: The Final Offering

This is it. Most of you know the story.
Exactly two years ago, while on vacation in Norway, I got an idea for a dance-theater piece that I felt driven to create. I went back into the studio as a director/choreographer for the first time in September of that year, with a title (Cracking Open), a few skeleton movement phrases, and a lot of ideas. Then, just a few weeks into our rehearsal process, my little sister died. This piece became her piece.
We’ve performed it at the end of each phase of our rehearsal process, and we finally premiered it this past May. Now, we are sharing it one last time.
If you always meant to join us, but the logistics never worked, this is for you.
If you’ve seen it every time we’ve performed it and still want more, this is for you.
If you saw it long ago but missed our premiere, this is for you.
What: Cracking Open, the Final Offering. Part of SAFEhouse’s SPF/11 summer festival.
When: Thursday, July 12th & Friday, Jully 13th, at 8:00 PM
Where: SAFEhouse Arts, 145 Eddy St in San Francisco.
Who: June Banks, Ari Holtan, Dawn Frank Holtan, Mia Holtan, Amy Marie, Savanna McGrew, Kati Pienimäki Schenker, and Raven Malouf-Renning.
Tickets are available on the SAFEhouse website.
More information is available here.
Please join us.

The Premiere of Cracking Open

It is finally time.

On May 19th & 20th at 6:00 PM at SAFEhouse Arts, we will share the complete premiere of Cracking Open. Tickets are available via Vendini, courtesy of the SAFEhouse RAW program. Seating is extremely limited, so please get your tickets early to ensure that we have space for you.

Cracking Open is a journey through loss. We travel through the darkness. Through saturated colors: red, gold, green, and blue. Through different human frameworks for making sense of our mortality, including nursery rhymes, fairy tales, mythology, biology, and philosophy.

This work has seen me through the loss of my little sister, and it has become an homage to her, and to the wildness of childhood that she so deeply embodied. In this work, we are honoring the loss of innocence, the loss of hope, and the loss of life. In this work, we are celebrating connection.

Cracking Open is like nothing I have ever created before. I am honored to share it with you.

Please, join us.