I’m currently working with an amazing ensemble of performers to create Cracking Open,  an evening length work that looks closely at those moments of transition, when who we are is fundamentally broken apart, and we must redefine our own existence. Lit entirely from within by the performers, Cracking Open immerses the audience in surreal worlds, saturated with color and informed by nonlinear narratives. Here are some of Hans Holtan’s photographs of our performances, taken throughout the past year.

Cracking Open is a piece in five parts with transitions. We started working in September, 2016, with our first showing that December. We will continue to share our progress with audiences as the work develops. Our next performances are on March 9th & 10th, 2018 at SAFEhouse Arts in San Francisco.

My work is created collaboratively. I direct, but I always draw from movement and language crafted by my ensemble members for their bodies and their voices. The performers today are Ari Holtan, Mia Holtan, Amy LaFaille, Savanna McGrew, Kati Pienimäki Schenker, and Raven Malouf-Renning. Brandi Szabo, Belgica Rodriguez, Chris Gallegos, and Benny Avalos helped us create early sections. All hope to join us again in the future.

Eric Kupers wrote almost all of the music for Cracking Open, either on his own or with his ensemble, Bandelion.

Transitions between the sections were choreographed by me, Chris Evans, Kimiko Guthrie, and Randee Paufve.

Click on the links below for more information about each section, or visit my YouTube channel for a glimpse of what we’re up to in the studio.

Light in the Dark. First performed at the Temescal Art Center in Oakland in December 2016, this section will be part of all of our future performances of Cracking Open. Here’s a slideshow Hans created using photographs he took last December of our rough draft performance.

Red. This section premiered at CSUEB in Hayward in June 2017.

Gold. This section premiered at SAFEhouse Arts San Francisco, November 29th & 30th 2017 and it was performed at the Shabbat Art-In at CSUEB PE 140 on December 15th.

Green. This section premiered at SAFEhouse Arts on March 10th & 11th 2018.

Blue. This section, and Cracking Open in its entirety, were shown as a work-in-progress at Eric Kuper’s  This Too Shall Pass: 49 Experiments with Impermanence at the CSUEB University Theatre. Cracking Open premiered at SAFEhouse Arts on May 19th & 20th of 2018.

Cracking Open will be shared one last time, at SAFEhouse Arts on July 12th & 13th 2018 at 8:00 PM. Tickets for our Final Offering are available here.

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