Home Visits for New Parents

Are you overwhelmed by how hard it is to be a new parent? Feeling frustrated and alone? Sick of petty fights with the partner you desperately want to love? Afraid that you’re just not good enough, at parenting or at life?

I know how tricky it is to find ten minutes to search for a therapist when you’re struggling with anxiety, postpartum depression, or a failing relationship, as well as all the burdens that come with being a new parent. You’re here, searching. You’ve already taken the first step.

You’re ready for help. I’m here, ready to help you. We can meet online, or at your home in the East Bay.

I have years of experience supporting new parents through this transition. With warmth and kindness, I will help you escape the pit of depression, and make peace with the terrified anxiety voices in your head. I will help you figure out how to reconnect to your partner and yourself. You can become the parent, the partner, and the person you want to be. 

Our work will be thoughtful, playful, and embodied. We will explore your stories and redefine the roles that shape your life. I offer individual, family, or relationship therapy to help you with new parenting struggles. Early parenting work is often brief, so if you don’t start to feel better within three or four sessions, I will provide referrals.